Rain Water Harvesting

Eco Green Systems specialize in installing Tanks for rain water harvesting and booster pumps and filters to compliment your household use.

Harvesting of rainwater is simple. It involves the collection of water from rainfall and Rain Water Harvestingcollecting the water for use. Typically, water is collected from places such as the roof of a building, then stored for later use.

Rainwater harvesting is a way that we can significantly reduce our reliance on certain types of infrastructure, such as water storage dams. This will significantly increase the lifetime of these dams by placing less stress on them. Also, this will reduce the need to construct new dams. You’ll also be able to significantly reduce your water bills if you collect rainwater.

Another important aspect of rainwater collection is the negating of storm water system overload. When water is captured and recycled for residential use, less water goes into the storm drains. This reduces the risk of floods and other natural disasters that can wreak havoc in communities and neighbourhoods.

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