Water Rescue

Treated Greywater:

The only way to treat greywater is the Water Rescue way with no chemicals.

Water Rescue dissolves most of the oils and fat by consuming it with the use of an Eco Environment Friendly bacteria. The same bacteria destroys commonly used household chemicals and restores the natural PH in soil, digests plant matter and food particles. The advantage of the Water Rescue system is that you can connect your whole household flow of greywater (except toilets). With proper treatment through the Water Rescue system, greywater is safe to use through the irrigation system. Further more, when the bacteria in the treated water, comes in contact with UV sunrays, it dies and acts as a fertilizer in the garden. You can connect your system storage directly for water supply to toilets and washing machine.

With Water Rescue’s greywater system, water can be in storage for a period of time and used as necessary. You do not need to dispose treated greywater within 24 hours.